Over the last 15 years, we have developed a premium range of quality Spouting solutions that have a strong focus on both functionality and aesthetics.

Quality roofing and Spouting prevents leakage and water build up from damaging your home, making it a critical piece of the puzzle for both new and existing homes. We measure and cut each length of Spouting onsite, resulting in a perfect fit as well as cost savings due to there being no wastage or offcuts.

Our ability to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and innovations, combined with our ability to tailor our solutions to suit your needs, makes all the difference in turning your house into a home.

Profile and Colour Selector


Use this tool to explore our products in a variety of colours on the cladding of your choice. You can navigate the options to find your chosen profile and colour, and see it on a home, with fascia and by itself. Once you’ve found the perfect combination, click “Request a Quote” to start the pricing process.

We are adding additional images regularly so check back to see additional combinations.

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Colour Chart

Our range of Spouting comes in a variety of colours, materials and profiles to suit all styles of homes from contemporary to traditional. We also have both five- and six-inch brackets that have no foot on them. These provide a more streamlined look and reduce the chances of corrosion. Check out our colour tool at the link below.



Ogee 5
Ogee 6
Box Gutter
1/4 Round 5`` with External Brackets
1/4 Round 5``

Whether you’re after Continuous or Non-Continuous Spouting, give us a call and we can discuss the options.