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Leaking roofs are a huge headache for homeowners. When you are living in your dream home but are experiencing troublesome and damage-causing leaks because of a faulty rainwater system, the contractors at Streamline will have the remedy for your problem.

At Streamline, our team of highly skilled personnel provide reliable maintenance, repair or replacement services that will keep your rainwater systems in top condition. Fixing any leaks or damage to your roofing, fascia, spouting or downpipes is crucial to keeping your home dry and safe.

The Rainwater System

By installing continuous fascia, spouting and downpipe systems, rainwater can be collected and redirected to the stormwater system, which will prevent them from overflowing and damaging the interior of your home. This saves you a lot of time and money from lengthy and costly reconstruction jobs.

Preventative Approach

While it is ideal to install a preventative measure as early as possible, sometimes you are not able to determine a problem until later. If that is the case, then Streamline are ready to provide a wide range of roofing services to help prevent any roofing problems from getting worse. Our team offers re-roofing, maintenance and repair services, as well as insurance work & also any repairs or replacements required relating to your fascia, spouting and downpipes.

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